Turkish Risotto with Fresh Tomatoes & Green Peppers / Babaannemin Domatesli Pirinç Lapası

[TÜRKÇE tarif için sayfayı aşağı kaydırınız] Cooking rice, or more specifically ‘making pilaf’ is a serious matter in Turkish cuisine. Pilaf is one of the most popular side dishes to accompany a great variety of traditional meals. And in some cases it is a meal on its own, incorporating meat and/or vegetables and other seasonings.

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Vegan Chocolate Truffles

I know there are plenty of similar recipes available on the Internet. But this one is special for me because we made it with my 15 year-old daughter when she had chocolate cravings during her vegan days. Yes, it’s a tough life! My 15 year-old girl went vegan and was very strong-minded about it for a

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Vegan Çılgın Hamurla Tarçınlı Çörekler / Vegan Cinnamon Rolls with Crazy Dough

Please click here for full recipe of vegan crazy dough in English and visit  kitchennostalgia.com   You can also click here if you would like to view the step-by-step stages on how to proceed while making cinnamon rolls.    Çılgın hamur diye bir hamur varmış, haberimiz yokmuş! Meğer ne kullanışlı, ne pratik bir hamurmuş… Sosyal medya dayanışması

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