Spinach & Ricotta Galette

        Spinach and Ricotta Galette I came up with this recipe totally by chance and haphazardly one day when I had some spinach and ricotta filling leftover  from some homemade ravioli I had made the day before. One of my all time favorite food blogs lately is www.hatibon.com and that’s exactly where I

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Peach Jam

  Peach Jam   Actually this is a belated post because although peaches are still available on the market, peach season is officially over in Turkey. Yet I still wanted to share this recipe on here since it might come in handy in some other part of the world where peaches are in full season

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Vegan Chocolate Truffles

I know there are plenty of similar recipes available on the Internet. But this one is special for me because we made it with my 15 year-old daughter when she had chocolate cravings during her vegan days. Yes, it’s a tough life! My 15 year-old girl went vegan and was very strong-minded about it for a

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Cookıe Dough Brownıe

    Imagine eating your favorite ‘soft-in-the-center’ chocolate chip cookie at the same time with a fudgy and insanely delicious brownie!!! Well, that may not be something you would normally do, right? But now you can! Because it will seem like the most natural thing to do once you’ve baked this COOKIE DOUGH BROWNIE. Even

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Fıg & Walnut Clafoutıs

If you are a fan of fresh figs and you’re looking for a different way to consume them, this recipe might just be what you’re looking for! Just to make things clear, I love a classic cherry clafoutis and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! But last year (yes, this recipe has been pending for

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Sibel ve Tolunay ile Bahar Yemeği Etkinliği

  İki  yılı biraz aşkın süredir blog yazıyorum. Yani bence hala acemi çaylak bir ‘blogger’ım. Ama bu işe başladığımdan beri çok hoş  insanlarla tanıştım. Hatta tanışmakla da kalmayıp bazılarıyla yakın arkadaşlıklar, dostluklar kurdum.  Bir de blog yazarı olunca bazı etkinliklere davet edilip, sponsor firmalardan gelen, tanıtım amaçlı hediye ürünler edinildiğini, bunların biz ‘blogger’lar tarafından denenip

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